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Men's Cotton Shirts - A Top For All Seasons

Thinking of buying a brand new top? For most guys, there is one over riding criteria. Yet whether you choose plain, striped or checked shirts, few guys realise the simple enjoyment of putting on a crisp cotton shirt is something that has been enjoyed for the last seven thousand years.

 A continent away, cotton fragments also have been discovered in the Indus Valley of Pakistan dating back.

 For guys who value comfort and desire an image that projects style and modern elegance, Buy mens shirts Pakistan  the term is just as important today.

So what lies behind men's long love affair with the cotton top?

• Cotton breathes, keeping you cool when it is not cool and retaining warmth when its not, particularly when a cotton shirt is teamed with a pure wool sweater.

It feels amazing. Super-soft against the skin, nothing compares to the feel of cotton.

• A cotton top will not slip or slide to give the slithery that is disagreeable feel of many synthetics.

• Cotton equates with quality and style. The manufacturers of the worlds finest men's shirts would not dream of using anything other than 100 % cotton.

Unlike synthetic materials, which can keep odours after a few washes, a cotton shirt will come up smelling sweet every time.

• Cotton is long-lasting, simple to look after and stays looking great for longer.

• Guys picking cotton in the 21st century are also making an environmental statement. It really is a wholly natural, renewable and biodegradable resource. Unlike artificial cloths, which are a spin off from the plastics industry, cotton shirts that are throwaway WOn't be hanging around in landfill sites for the next millennium.

Fashion is fickle and preferences change. Plain cotton stripes the next and might be in vogue one year, but there should always be space in the wardrobe for a fresh take on this timeless favourite.

Post by buymensshirtspakistan (2016-08-11 04:19)

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